Fire Apparatus

Engine 31

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Engine 31 is the Fire District's first assignment engine. This2012 Pierce-Velocity Pumper on an Impel chassis has an 8-man cab, 1,750 gpm Waterous pump with a 750 gallon booster tank. This engine was delivered on August 14, 2012. Date Placed in Service: September 4, 2012.


Engine 32

1997 pierce lance engine 32

Engine 32 is the Fire District's second due engine. This1997 Pierce-Lance pumper has a 10-man cab, 1,750 gpm Waterous pump with a 750 gallon booster tank. This engine has served with distinction since being placed into service on August 18, 1997.

Squad 33


This 1999 Pierce-Sabre Heavy Duty Squad with an 8-man cab carries cargo of mulit-purpose suppression and rescue appliances along with a full compliment of hazardous materials response equipment. This squad has served with distinction since being placed in-service on March 29, 1999.

MISC. 39


The Elsmere Fire Company’s 24-seat Goshen Coach, which is identified as MERV 39, has been utilized many times for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Truck 30

2015 truck 30

Truck 30 is the Fire District's Platform Ladder. This 100 foot aerial with a 8-man cab is a 2015 Pierce-Velocity having 145 feet of ground ladders, a 300 gallon booster tank and a 2,000 gpm Waterous pump. This aerial was delivered on February 7, 2015 and was placed in service on February 22, 2015.



"The Dinky" is the Fire District's first piece of fire apparatus, a 1917 Model T Ford with an American LaFrance chemical body. This piece of equipment was purchased from the Bolton Landing Volunteer Fire Department in Lake George NY shortly after the Fire Company was incorporated in 1922. The chemical body consists of two rear-mounted tanks containing water and soda acid, which when inverted creates a chemical reaction causing pressure to flow water. The "Dinky" as it is affectionately known, made its last official run in 1929 but remains in service today for parades and special events.

Elsmere Fire Company Museum

1954 Ward LaFrance

The Elsmere Fire Company Museum is located in the firehouse, 15 West Poplar Drive, Delmar, NY. Our museum is home to many of our awards, old firefighting equipment and the “Dinky”, a 1917 Model T fire engine.


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