Ariel L. Goodrich

The Elsmere Fire Co. A, Inc. is proud to recognize Ariel Goodrich as Firefighter of the Year. A 13-Year veteran of the Fire Company, Ariel served for 10 years as the Fire Police Lieutenant. He is a quiet and unassuming person always at work behind the scenes of the Fire Company. He has helped to establish an administrative procedure to relieve some of the workload from the fire officers, so they can devote more time to their fire line responsibilities. He is always busy with fire reports so that the correct information is available to NYS and OFPC. He was instrumental in moving the fire reporting system and service awards records from paper to computer. As Lieutenant he was in charge of maintaining M38 and M39 to be sure they are ready to respond to emergencies, whether the County calls them/or Haz-Mat or the Urban Search and Rescue Team calls. Ariel established a checkout system for portable radios and the radio batteries to eliminate many charging and repair problems that effect fire ground operations. Through the years as Fire Police Lieutenant he took many training classes such as Highway Safety-Fire Scene operations, Haz-Mat WMD Response, Intersection Accident Termination and Coping with Change in the Fire Service. With this knowledge he established many pre-plans for the most efficient means of traffic control at various locations within the Elsmere Fire District. He continues to Chair the newsletter committee known as the Firehorn where he gathers and edits information of interest to be distributed quarterly. And for many years he has been recognized annually with the most drill attendance. A Past Chief who worked closely with Ariel was once quoted as saying he is "lucky to have a fast paced, aggressive and thorough person with private industry experience that knows how to cut through the BS and get things done."