Chief Kevin M. Shea

In 1992 the Elsmere Fire Company A Inc proudly nominated Kevin Shea as our choice for Fireman of the Year at the annual American Legion awards ceremony. Kevin received this honor for the many tireless hours spent as an officer in both the civil office and fire line office. Kevin was also commended for his success with the Elsmere Drill Team, which came to be known as the Blues Brothers. He was our Captain of the Drill Team and our leader on the fireground. Kevin went on to earn the coveted Kenneth E. McNary Achievement Award in 1996. To every member of the Elsmere Fire Company Kevin was a leader a mentor a teacher a brother and a friend. He was a friend to everyone. Kevin's friendship was binding, his loyalty unwavering and his understanding unconditional. These qualities represent those of a true friend, brother firefighter and respected leader.

We honor Chief Kevin Michael Shea as our choice for Fireman of the Year. Kevin was a role model for all of us and a man who lived life to its fullest. Kevin never put himself first and always made sure that everyone else was taken care of. He was something to everyone particularly his brother firefighters. He took great pride in us and we are proud to have had the opportunity to share our lives with him. He was generous to all of us, as is his family. We would like to thank you Kathy and Kelly for sharing him with us.