Lieutenant Frank Wickham

Honored for his work at Ground Zero Having entered the department in April 1989, Frank is now in his 13th year of service. His history of dedicated service began in the civil officer line as a property clerk in 1992. Following this he continued through the ranks being elected vice president in 1995 and 1996, until becoming President in 1998. In the year ahead Frank's firematic desire drew him towards the company fire line office, and as he completed his term as President, immediately ran for and was elected 4th Fire Lieutenant in December of 1999. Since then he has continued to advance in rank and currently holds the position of 2nd Lieutenant.

The performance of this candidate can certainly be characterized as above average when considering the most important factors such as training and response to alarms. Frank's occupation and background being employed in a fast paced private sector technical environment, has benefited our department in making advancements for our training programs and computerization in many areas. Following suit is a long list of outside training courses Lt. Wickham has taken, from numerous NYS OFPC training courses to a variety of seminars offered to the fire service each year. Highlighted by this effort is the specialized training received as a member of the NYS Urban Search and Rescue team. This training as an active member of the technical team, has brought Frank to several disastrous events across the state including the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11. The quality effort put forth as a volunteer in Elsmere, and the outreach of this trait helping the citizens throughout the state in their time of need, is what really characterizes a true volunteer, the volunteer firefighter.