Fire Police Officer Michael L. Taylor Awarded ACVFA Fireman of the Year

Fire Police Officer Michael L. Taylor was awarded the Albany County Volunteer Fireman's Association's Firefighter of the Year award at a ceremony in Altamont on September 21, 2016.

Michael joined the Elsmere Fire Company on June 30, 1970 and continues as an active member with over forty-six year of service. He has served as a firefighter, Company Director, Treasurer and Vice-President. He is the eldest of three generations of Elsmere Firefighters. His son Steven, and his grandson Andrew are also firefighter with the Elsmere Fire Company. He is a Life Member in the Company and is the Company's long time delegate to the Albany County Volunteer Fireman's Association. The Testimonial Letter appears below:

Michael L. Taylor

The Elsmere Fire Department is proud to nominate Michael L. Taylor for the 2016 Albany County Volunteer Fireman’s Association Firefighter of the Year.Michael is one of Elsmere’s most active members with over 46 years of service.Growing up in the Town of Bethlehem, Michael always had a passion of serving his community.He immediately put his passion into action after graduating from Bethlehem Central High School and joined the Elsmere fire Department on June 25, 1970.Throughout his 46 years as an active firefighter/fire police Mike has continually grown and developed into an extremely valuable asset and resource for Elsmere Fire and his entire community.In addition to his Firematic service, Michael served as Company treasurer from April 1977 to April 1979; he was elected for 2 three year terms as Director in 1988 and in 1995, and served as Company Vice President in 2013.He is a life member and serves as the company delegate to the Albany County Volunteer Fireman’s Association.Through his hard work and dedication our department has become a well-educated and trained group of men and woman for the job a firefighter faces in its everyday operations.Michael gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding power lines, transformers and substations during his 40 year career with Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.This knowledge has proven invaluable as we respond to numerous downed power line and transformer calls resulting from motor vehicle accidents and storms.Michael’s experience and wealth of information regarding electricity has provided our department with exceptional skills and ensures that our community and all of our firefighters remain safe during these sometimes very dangerous calls.Michael’s primary objective in any situation is to provide knowledge for the safety and most effective outcome in any situation we encounter.He always takes the time to explain these circumstances in detail, and his concern for his fellow firefighters is a testament to the love and passion he has for his brothers and sisters as well as his community.Michael is a dedicated and devoted member of our department and community; initiating, organizing and successfully executing these things that make a fire department a true success and valuable asset to the community.We are nominating this outstanding member who during the past 46 years has demonstrated himself as one of the most respectable firefighters of the Department, and continues to raise the standards to a very high level.Michael’s living example of what he believes in is also evident in the profound influence he has had on his family.As the eldest of three generations, his son Steven and his grandson Andrew also serve as active firefighters in the Elsmere Fire Department.The Elsmere Fire Department is proud to nominate Michael L. Taylor for this very prestigious award.